Causes & Treatments of Dog Odor

Wish there was a deodorant for dogs? Some dogs, no matter how clean they are kept, have a noticeable odor. Don't just cover up the stink! Read on to learn how to determine the source of your dogs smell and treat the problem at its source.

Breath - If you love to cuddle your dog, you've probably noticed that the odor of a dog's breath can be overwhelming. Dog breath odors are sometimes caused by what the dog has eaten recently but are usually caused by oral health and the cleanliness of the dog's teeth. Improve your dog's breath temporarily using breath mints made for dogs. (OUR MINTS work at the nutritional level to improve odors from the mouth and body) Permanently improve bad breath by being proactive about your dog's dental health. February is National Dog Dental Month. Most Vet offices offer reduced pricing for dental cleaning and procedures during the month, so schedule an appointment!

Body - In the wild, it was important for dogs to excrete a distinctive scent and even though dogs have now been domesticated for many years, all dogs will, to a greater or lesser degree, emanate a doggy odor sometimes. The best way to deal with dog odor that comes from the body is by regular (but not too frequent) bathing and a systemic treatment, like Liquid Chlorophyll (see below).

Gas - A dog with an upset stomach can make you wish you'd never though of making your dog an inside dog! But gas can be dealt with. Occasional gas is normal and may be the result of stress, a change in diet, or other lifestyle factors- but you and your family should not have to suffer with the odor of constant dog gas. If you have a very gassy dog you may want to reevaluate your feeding program to make sure your dog is getting quality, easily digestable food. A digestive supplement like liquid chlorophyll will reduce gas as well.

Waste - Undoubtedly the strongest odor associated with dogs, but hopefully always outside your living area, is the odor that comes from dog waste. Waste itself, or places in your home where waste was "accidentally" left, can be neutralized with Nature's Miracle. However chlorophyll supplements help to neutralize the odor in dog waste by absorbing, similar to activated charcoal, the odors while the waste is still within the body, significantly reducing the odor of waste as it is passed. Liquid chlorophyll's poop deodorizing effect is a godsend for owners of apartment dogs who must pick up after their pup!

Liquid Chlorophyll - Dog Odor Deodorizer

Liquid chlorophyll is a human supplement that is recommended by animal herbalists for dogs and cats. It improves digestion and heart function and significantly reduces or eliminates dog odors. Chlorophyll is an all-natural substance that has been used for years in deodorants for people allergic to commercial deodorants. It works similar to a natural baking soda- absorbing and neutralizing dog odor.

Our family started using liquid chlorophyll for the health benefits, and after noticing how well it worked for our dogs began recommending it all the time for people who need to control dog odor or a yard that smells like dog waste. By putting a squirt or two of chlorophyll in your dog's water each morning you send chlorophyll through their whole system- in their mouth and out the other end. It has a slight minty flavor that most dogs love. As the chlorophyll moves through the dog's body it aids digestion, cleanses the blood, and helps neutralize odors that originate from within your dog. As it passes through the dog's system, it significantly reduces the smell of dog waste and urine. 


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