Dealing With a Dog that Smells


Have you ever been overwhelmed by a dog smell? Sometimes dogs smell not because they are in need of a bath or because they are passing gas but sometimes dogs smell just because they are dogs! When dogs lived in the wild, it was important for their bodies to not only be able to detect scents, but to product their own distinctive smell. Most dogs, bathed moderately often, will not give off a strong odor. If you have a problem with a stinky dog, you or a family member might be especially sensitive to your dog's particular smell.


Bathing a Smelly Dog

Bathing is a typical first-resort solution to dealing with an intolerably or irritatingly stinky dog smell. Bathing often works, temporarily, but if your dog has sensitive skin you may find that the soap and water used during bathing actually dries your dogs skin out- making it vulnerable to flaking and increasing the doggy odor in your home. Some breeds handle frequent bathing better than others, most dogs can handle the water fine, but most soaps eventually irritate skin. Ask your veterinarian or breeder how often your dog can safely be bathed, and if you need to use a spray in between baths, use one specially developed to neutralize the typical odors dogs have. (Never use Febreeze, Glade, or other air fresheners on your dog.) to controlling smells on and around our dog. For nearly a decade we've used Liquid Chlorophyll as a supplement in our dogs' water bowls and the difference in odor secretion is amazing. Frist recommended by an animal nutritionist to help with a dog's digestive problems, within a few weeks we noticed considerably less smell on her breath, body, and poop. A bit of researched turned up that a "side effect" of liquid chlorophyll (a heart and digestive supplement) was neutralized smell of body, breath, and waste. Upon learning of this effect we began supplementing all our dogs with liquid chlorophyll in their communal water bowl, and we have enjoyed a dog-smell free house ever since.  

How to Use

By putting one to two tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll in your dogs' water every day (dosage should be tinkered with till you achieve the desired effect) you send the chlorophyll through the dog's entire system- in their mouth and out the digestive system. Chlorophyll doesn't masking smells or create a competing smell, but works from inside your dog to neutralize odors where they start. As the chlorophyll moves through the dog's boy it aids digestion, cleanses the blood, and helps neutralize smells. After it passes through the dog's system, it significantly reduces the odor of dog poop and urine. Chlorophyll is the active ingredient in greenies but the liquid form is much more economical to use and works 24/7. In our home, with one large dog, a 32oz bottle lasts about six to eight weeks. 


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