How to Cover The Smell Outside From Dog Waste

You care for your home, you maintain your lawn, you have a well groomed, well mannered dog... and every time you step into your backyard you are overwhelmed by the smell of dog poop. It's a unfortunately reality that although dogs make amazing companions, their waste can send your family or even your neighbors fleeing indoors to escape the smell.

Thankfully there are several ways to cover or remove the smell of dog waste left outdoors. Every effective method of controlling the smell of waste involves controlling what the dog is eating.

1. Reducing the smell of dog poop can be achieved by switching to a higher quality food. A food that is higher quality will be more easily digested, better digestion results in food that is smaller in volume and smell. Look for a food that is corn, wheat, and soybean free. The top three ingredients should be a type of meat or high quality protein. Fillers are not digestible, so the fewer fillers in the food, the fewer fillers in the dog's waste.

2. Reduce the smell of dog poop by feeding a human grade liquid chlorophyll supplement that neutralizes smells. Years ago an animal herbalist recommended a supplement of liquid chlorophyll for one of our dogs having digestive problems. We learned that not only does liquid chlorophyll aid in digestion and heart function, but it also is a natural deodorizer that neutralizes (not just covers) odors from a dog's breath, body, and waste. A small squirt or two of liquid chlorophyll in your dogs water every morning will significantly decrease the smell of his body and his waste. Dogs love the taste of liquid chlorophyll and a large bottle lasts about 6-8 weeks in our single large dog family.

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