Tips for Buying a Dog Collar for a Puppy

One of our most frequently asked questions over the years is "how do I know what size of dog collar to buy for my new puppy that is coming home in a few weeks?"

Our recommendation is to ask your breeder. Your breeder is a helpful resource that should be happy to measure your puppy's neck at your request. Add about 10% to this number for each week till the date you get your puppy, and purchase a collar using that number as the minimum size. We've collared thousands of dogs over the years and can generally advise that Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Standard Poodles, and Pointers will almost always wear a small for a few weeks after they come home, a medium for a few months, and mature into a large in the sizing of most brands.

Accurately Estimating Adult Collar Size

Below you will find a list of breeds and their most common range of neck sizes. Your dog will be an individual and may not fit within this range. There can be a huge size variations even within a single breed, but your breeder will know whether your puppy's bloodlines are likely to produce a dog that is towards the upper end of the breed's size range, the smaller end, or outside the typical range all together. The best way to estimate adult neck size is to measure the neck of the father and the mother and average the

My breeder recommended a Martingale, which is best for a rapidly growing puppy?

Martingale collars are a safer way to collar a wiggly puppy. For a rapidly growing puppy we recommend the For a thicker and bit higher quality nylon martingale (but with a smaller range of adjustment) see the Spindrift Buckle On Martingale (you'll love the buckle on version of a martingale- perfect for squirming puppies!) It is also priced appropriately for a collar that will be outgrown in a few months. simple plain nylon martingale or the similar printed nylon martingales - all priced around $10. Leather martingales are sized by exact measurements, so we do not recommend leather martingales until a puppy has reached their full size. However you may want to bookmark our Rolled Leather Martingale for your puppy when they are about 9-10 months and have done the majority of their growing. Our rolled leather martingale is in a class of it's own and is the only martingale collar we recommend for long haired dogs.

Common Dog Breeds and the Corresponding Average Neck Measurement Range:

Airedale 16-22 inches

Australian Shepherd 16-22 inches

Basset Hound 16-22 inches

Beagle 12-18 inches

Bichon Frise 14-18 inches

Bloodhound 22-28 inches

Border Collie 14-18 inches

Boston Terrier 12-18 inches

Boxer 16-22 inches

Bulldog English 18-24 inches

Bulldog French 12-16 inches

Chihuahua 8-14 inches

Cocker Spaniel 12-18 inches

Corgi 14-16 inches

Dachshund Std 16-20 inches

Mini Dachshund 8-18 inches

German Shepherd 18-24 inches

Golden Retriever 16-24 inches

Greyhound 14-18 inches

Jack Russell Terrier 10-14 inches

Lab 18-24 inches

Maltese 10-14 inches

Papillon 8-12 inches

Pit Bull 14-18 inches

Pomeranian 10-14 inches

Poodle Mini 10-16 inches

Poodle Standard 14-20 inches

Pug 12-16 inches

Rottweiler 24-30 inches

Schnauzer Mini 10-16 inches

Shih Tzu 10-14 inches

Wheaten Terrier 18-22 inches

Yorkshire Terrier 6-12 inches

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