Waterproof Dog Collars for Dogs who Swim

Waterproof Dog Collars for Dogs Who Love Water

Does your dog love to swim? Collaring a dog who loves to swim can present a problem! Leather collars can mold or rot if exposed to damp conditions long term without being dried and oiled, nylon collars can cause skin irritation, and the metal hardware on many collars can corrode or rust. Dogs who love to swim in chlorinated pools or natural ponds are especially hard on collars and need collars that can stand up to moisture, pool chemicals, bacteria, and mud. The ideal collar for a dog that swims is a collar that won't absorb any moisture and is worn loose enough to allow air flow to the neck underneath the collar. Tight, water soluble collars can cause rashes and skin irritation - even yeast infections of the skin in the warm, moist environment under a tight, wet dog collar.

At right are several links to our best selling waterproof dog collars. All of these styles feature strong nylon webbing coated with a permanent, flexible coating. Jelly Collars are fun and bright but are narrow and have a more plasticy feeling than the Sparky's Choice collars, which are soft and leatherlike and popular with hunters due to their simplicity and longevity. Both are great choices for collars that will withstand lots of waterplay! 

Always Keep a Collar & Tags on Your Dog

It might be tempting to leave your water-loving dog without any collar at all- but every dog owner needs to be proactive about ensuring a safe, fast recovery if our dog ever gets lost or wanders off. Just keeping your dog in a collar may be the difference between your dog wandering beside a busy road and motorists thinking "stray dog" and motorists seeing a bright collar, thinking "lost dog", and pulling over to catch and return him. 

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