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German Shorthaired Pointer Keychain FOB or Lanyard


The perfect accessory for German Shorthaired Pointer owners who love to boast about their breed! These lanyards are a fun way to invite conversation about your dog at work and events when you need to display ID  or credentials, and are ideal for keeping your keys handy when walking your dog. 

This lanyard is constructed of a durable woven jacquard trim stitched onto a solid black trim to create a strong and smooth lanyard.  Includes a small trigger snap for attaching ID's or keys.
This keychain FOB makes a perfect small gift for a German Shorthaired Pointer owner or a great way to coordinate with your dog's collar and leash! To create each key chain FOB, a durable jacquard ribbon is stitched onto soft and strong 1.5" polyester webbing. Each fob features the same pattern as our matching breed specific collars and lanyards.
Available as a Key FOB or Lanyard.  Also available matching Collar and Leash.

Can be ordered while Out of Stock.  Generally ships within a week. 


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